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With in-depth knowledge of the legal and A / E industries, our dedicated team leverages 3 decades of experience to maximize your performance and profitability.

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We work hand-in-hand with your team to boost efficiency and profitability

Harnessing decades of experience as a trusted partner to hundreds of architecture, engineering and law firms worldwide, Precise eliminates the lengthy industry learning curve while bringing you fully customized and localized financial management and control services to achieve exceptional efficiency, profitability and peace of mind.

We understand where you’re coming from, which enables us to successfully partner with your team. Our unique approach helps you reach your targets, enhance your decision-making, and identify the key factors that will improve your business without changing what makes you, you.

Why Work with Us?

Imagine empowering your decision-making with immediate access to crucial industry insights based on three decades of experience with hundreds of international clients.

Imagine leveraging the competitive advantages that come from financial management and control solutions specifically tailored to the unique needs of your industry.

Imagine having a strategic partner who makes your life easier, your bottom line healthier, and your results even more impressive.

29 Years’ Experience

Why Work with Us?

4 Global Locations

Why Work with Us?

350 Employees

Why Work with Us?

750+ Loyal Clients

Why Work with Us?

This is the Precise Difference

By dynamically augmenting and supporting your current team, we supply real-time responsiveness and hands-on services with full customization and localization to suit both today’s requirements and tomorrow’s growth.

About Us Difference

Our Technology Tools

Precise has developed several fully secure cloud-based software solutions in compliance with industry standards, supplying our clients in the legal and A/E worlds with the most advanced tools available on the market.

Our Clients

The Brooklyn Studio

We’ve enjoyed an incredible return on our investment since we’ve started working with Precise. Their consistent and focused attention on improving our bottom-line provides the partners and our managers the peace of mind necessary to concentrate on running a better practice.

Jason Boutin

NAME architecture

Precise has proven to be an amazing team of people… Precise’s guidance has made a huge and positive difference in the attitude within the office, as people are much more focussed on what they need and like to be doing and leave the financial guidance and strategic thinking to Precise. I cannot say enough good things about them. I just wish I had found them years ago!

Nathalie Rozencwajg


Precise has proven to be an amazing team of people… Precise’s guidance has made a huge and positive difference in the attitude within the office, as people are much more focused on what they need and like to be doing and leave the financial guidance and strategic thinking to Precise. I cannot say enough good things about them. I just wish I had found them years ago!

Martha Schwartz

Kolker Kolker Epstein

Precise is our guardian angel. They are the lobe of the brain that takes care of us, the ones who take the load off our heart. We owe them the opportunity to create in peace while they deal with the storm around us.

Opher Kolker

The Up Studio

In our first meeting with Precise, they helped us refine important aspects our fee structure, find money that we were leaving on the table, and identify major operational issues before they ever became problems. The benefit they’ve offered for our team since that first day is immeasurable.

Jeffrey Ramirez


Our collaboration with Precise has allowed us to spend more time doing what we love (design) while they dedicate their expertise and foresight to the financial aspects of our practice. We would not have weathered the turmoil of 2020 as well as we did without their guidance.

Mimi Hoang

Bar-Levi Architects

My life changed for the better since we started working with Precise. The improvement is felt across the board – in our management, business and profitability. Beyond a doubt, Precise’s greatest strength is its people.

Eden Bar

Auerbach Halevy Architects & Engineering

Since we started working with Precise our cash flow and profitability improved considerably. Their professionalism gives us peace of mind and lets us focus on what we know best: Architecture!

Ori Halevy


Meet the Precise Team

Career Positions
Team testimonials

Shir lives in Tel Aviv and has a bachelor's degree in economics and management.
Shir has worked at Precise for almost four years as an analyst responsible for 13 clients!
"Precise is like a family for me.
As soon as I entered work, I realized that this place had something special to offer. It starts with professionalism, the knowledge you acquire, and your surrounding team and managers.
I think the biggest challenge in working at Precise is knowing how to combine many tasks together and manage many clients with personal attention to each one."

Shir Azgouri
Client Manager

Yonatan lives in Rishon LeZion and has a bachelor's degree in economics and management.
Yonatan has worked at Precise for three years as an analyst responsible for 4 large planning firms!
"In my work at Precise, I am driven by the satisfaction of positive results achieved by working together with senior officials in planning offices.
Professionally, I am continuously seeking out new things to learn in new fields."

Yonatan Aouizert
Client Manager

Matan lives in Kfar Edumim and has a bachelor's degree in economics and business administration.
Matan has worked at Precise for seven years as an analyst responsible for several clients in traffic engineering and landscape architecture. Under his management, there are four analysts.
"Being at Precise for the past seven years has been a daily pleasure, thanks to the freedom to work and achieve results however you see fit
My professional ambitions are to acquire a variety of managerial and professional tools at the highest level and to continue to advance within my company so that I can assist as many businesses as possible in improving."

Matan Ben Naim
Client Manager

Team testimonials

Insights for Success

Stay on top of all the latest legal and A&E industry news, trends, and developments with Precise. Our expert team harnesses decades of multidisciplinary experience to bring you invaluable insights, helping your firm respond more effectively to diverse professional challenges.

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